Saturday, December 25, 2010

Everyday EVEREADY Moments

When I read about the "Everyday Eveready Moments" contest at Nuffnang Philippines website, it brought me back to my younger years, elementary days to be exact in a sleepy town of Pinili, Ilocos Norte.

It was early 1990's when we evacuated from Cagayan Valley where we have our own house there, where my father cultivate a wide farmland and my mother tends to a small piggery in our backyard. It was a good and stable situation for our family until we have to evacuate due to security reasons. I was 7 years old that time.

Being an evacuee in a far away land (Cagayan Valley to Ilocos Norte is a seven hours bus travel then), even though we have relatives to help us, lead our family to a new beginning, a hard situation for everybody specially to us young children.

With no clear means to support our needs in a new environment, we have to sacrifice having no electricity for several years. At first it was really hard, mostly at night or during a bad weather. Our only refuge during those years were the battery-operated radio for news and entertainment (radio drama during those years because our radio was only AM band) and the old-fashioned flashlights (the silvery color and metal ones, no plastic or rubber flashlights back then). And of course, the only trusted and reliable batteries then and until now is EVEREADY (no fakes and china brand those times).

EVEREADY batteries have been a big part of our lives but also to our success, I am proud to say that me and my siblings consistently made good at school even though we lack electricity during our elementary days and with God's blessings we all graduated in our chosen courses in different Universities in Manila.

I still remember those days when we tend to sun-dry our Eveready batteries in our hopes to keep them producing power for our radio when we do not have money to buy for new ones... funny but most of the time it worked even for a short period of time.

I still remember those used up AAA's and AA's that we made as toys as replacement to real toys when we can not afford to buy. Sad memories but those ones made us stronger and boosted our faith to attain our dreams.

Years had passed, we no longer live in Ilocos Norte, we now have our own families but still Eveready plays a part in our lives - not anymore to operate the AM band radio or the old-fashioned metal flashlights but to give power to our emergency flashlights, emergency phone charger, voice recorder as well as digital cameras among others.

Thank you Eveready for being a part of us and for reminding us the way we have been and not to forget where we have started!

More Power!!!

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