Monday, March 12, 2012

Summer is hotter with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, Schick & Nuffnang

My ideal Nuffnang summer is travelling to places, we've been to Puerto Galera in Mindoro the previous summer and this year we are planning to conquer Palawan!

Coron, Palawan. Photo credit to
My wife and I just love to travel that even when we are still not married, we have gone to Baguio, Tagaytay among others. Last year we visited the beautiful Bohol and it's lovely spots such as the Chocolate Hills, Loboc River, Baclayon Church and many more as our anniversary vacation.

And everyone should not forget the summer must haves especially when your destination is any of the ever famous beaches in our country - "Schick. Free you Skin and Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion. We've got you covered."

Thank you to Nuffnang for making this contest possible!