Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10.10.10 Run for Pasig River Breaks Guinness World Record

More than two months ago, we joined the 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River organized by ABS-CBN with the golden goal of rejuvenating the now polluted and almost dead Pasig River and its tributaries.

And along with this goal was also to break a Guinness World Record in having the most participants in a foot race event, one hundred sixteen thousand and eighty six (116, 086) runners, students, employees and ordinary citizens answered the call and now it is official!!!

The 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River held in Manila was already officially recognized by Guinness World Records as shown in the certificate below.

The Guinness Certificate

The Envelope

It feels great to be running for a cause and we are proud to be counted in this endeavor of cleaning up the Pasig River.We all hope that someday if not in these days, our very own Pasig river will be clean, green and alive again. This can be done if we all work together, united in this objective.

With Sam after the 5 km run from CCP to MOA
During the post race program, hosted by Luis and Karylle

Until the next run for Pasig River, maybe 11.11.11 this time around? See you on the road guys!

~I consider this running event the most significant bloggable event that happened to me this year with so many reasons. I am proud to be a part of this endeavor as well as the feat of breaking a world record!

This is my entry to the blog contest of Sir Winston "What is the most significant bloggable event that happened to you in 2010?" Many thanks to his best bud for sponsoring this contest Jehz Laurente.

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