Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 A Year That Was - Review of our Life (part 2)

So far, year 2010 is one of my worst and BEST year in my twenty eight years of existence. Let me talk about the BEST for now and not the about the worst.

It has been my childhood dream to become a lawyer that's the reason why I have taken up Bachelor of Political Science Major in Public Administration as my college course at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, this would be my pre-law course.

But then due to financial reasons, I was not able to pursue my law proper immediately after college graduation. After several years of focusing my attention to my work and of course to my personal life, the sweetest thing happened to my life this year! And that's when my parents-in-law decided to help me enroll for my law schooling. Good things in life come when you least expected, that's proven!

With that, I immediately inquired to several law schools about their requirements, tuition fees and other matters. My first option then was the San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Institute of Law. Aside from being a Catholic school, they offer low tuition fees comparing to other law schools.

After submitting my application as well as other documents, I have undertaken their entrance exam and the interview by their Guidance Counselor. I both passed the exam and interview so on enrollment week, I tried to enroll with night subjects because I still need to work while studying. But things did not worked out, convenient subject schedules are already closed and their enrollment process seemed to be not student friendly.

So, after hours and days of thinking, I finally decided not to continue enrolling at San Sebastian College instead I inquired at the University of the East, College of Law as a good friend of mine suggested.

With big contradiction to the process of San Sebastian College, I was able to take my entrance exam, have my interview, enroll my subjects and attend to my first day of class at the UE College of Law in a matter of one day! That was June 15, 2010.

Law school is not a joke, you have to deal with all the hardships, study loads, case readings, daily recitations, long written exams, humiliation, body and brain fatigue among others. Luckily I survived my First Semester and despite the continuing financial troubles, I boldly enrolled for the Second Semester of School Year 2010-2011 last November.

And you know what? Great sacrifices makes Sweeter Success! Before the end of December classes I received this letter from the College of Law Dean Valdez;

The letter of invitation from the Dean

The fruit of my First Semester sacrifices and burning my midnight oil was awarded at the College of Law Paskuhan 2010 at the Aberdeen Court, Great Eastern Hotel in Quezon City last December 16, 2010.
My certificate of recognition
The awarding ceremony

The sweetest thing that happened to me this year became more and more sweet because of this Christmas Recognition from our College Dean. Thanks be to God! And my endless gratitude to all who have supported me, my family, my wife and my parents-in-law. I love you guys!

~This is my official entry to the blog contest of Sir Winston with the topic "What is the sweetest thing that you did for someone / someone did for you in 2010?" sponsored by Candy Corner.

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