Friday, December 31, 2010

Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 Finisher Medals

The Condura Skyway Marathon in its 4th year of staging this prestigious event has the following mission as published in their Facebook Fan page:

Mission: To give every runner a one-of-a-kind running experience by running along the Skyway, and to raise funds to help Baclayon, Bohol - the dolphin capital of the Philippines.

The second part of their mission is being guaranteed with this statement from the organizers; "Condura guarantees that 50 pesos of the registration fee is donated to the beneficiary. That's about 6 percent of collections. In addition, any surplus after subtracting collections less expenses will be donated . The report on the amount donated as well as what the donation was used for is in the Condura Skyway Marathon web site."

The first part of their mission is also being guaranteed by the 1,000 people who will be part of the organizers in staging this event. And the following Finisher's Medal for all categories will make all runners proud and jubilant in their cause-worthy achievement.

The Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 Finisher Medals
Medal sizes: 3k to 16k is 2 inches, 21k is 2.5 inches & 42k is 3 inches
Nice and huge medals indeed, I want the 21k Finisher Medal in my neck after the event!

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