Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kero's Giving Away Jon vanDyk Neckties!

2 Winners, 3 Assorted Neckties Each!

Two lucky readers will receive three sets of Jon vanDyk Neckties each.

This is an International Giveaway. Join now!

It's Christmas! Long holidays again, I love it! And as I spend my vacation updating my blog, I happened to browse the lovely website Kero's Celebration with the above blog contest and an exciting reward awaits the two lucky winners!

I instantly became interested in joining the contest because of the great prize of 3 neckties from, I would love the following neckties for me;
Red herringbone striped necktie with blue and grey stripes
Navy blue herringbone striped necktie with sky blue, royal blue and yellow detailed stripes
Profound black tie with navy blue and light blue alternating stripes in a cross hatch pattern
Why I should win among other entries? Well, in my current job, we do not wear neckties because we are being provided with uniforms. But as an aspiring law student at the University of the East, College of Law, I will be needing suits, as well as neckties when I reached my Third year level specially during the practice court or moot court subjects. Right now, I am in my First year, Second Semester and I am hopeful that with God's blessings I can continue my studies despite all the hindrance along my way.

Thank you to Kero's Celebration and for this awesome contest.I would be very happy and proud to wear those neckties during my practice court as well as in any occasion in the months and years to come! Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. Thank you so much for joining and taking time to post Good luck!