Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome Year 2012!

Last night, the Philippines and other countries in GMT+8 celebrated the New Year 2012 and bid goodbye to the old year 2011.

It is already 2 PM here and most of the people are taking some rest from the night's celebration. For us, we had a simple but bountiful Media Noche-we prepared mixed of modern and traditional foods such as Penne Spaghetti, Sweet Filipino style Macaroni Salad, Cassava Cake, Mocha Choco Cake, Leche Plan, Biko and Buko Salad. And not to forget our ever present red and white sweet wine!

Our purple-pink motif 2011 Christmas Tree
By late afternoon of December 31st, we started preparing our Media Noche which involves cooking of the Penne Spaghetti, mixing up the Buko Salad as well as the Sweet Macaroni Salad, etc.

Our simple Media Noche
And not to exclude our new lucky charm for the Year of the Dragon.

Some coins, gold choco coins, oranges and our dragon!
May all our wishes come true this New Year! May we have fruitful and blissful year and years to come!!!

Cheers everyone!!!