Friday, June 24, 2011

Stranded for Four Hours, Brings back Ondoy

Last night, classes was suspended even at the University of the East College of Law due to heavy rains brought by the Tropical Storm Falcon.

But the suspension of classes came too late, at 6PM the main thoroughfares are already flooded and there are heavy traffic build-up everywhere.

And to add up, jeepneys are no longer plying to our area, so I decided to take another route by riding a bus. It took me more than an hour to get a ride because all buses and other PUJ's are already filled up to the brim!

Alas! at past 7PM I was able to ride at standing only status but the traffic situation along Recto Avenue going to Legarda-Nagtahan area is already non-moving.

Thanks to the TV on board of the bus and my boredom during the long 3 hours trip was somehow lessened. After one hour of standing only, I was able to take a seat because most passengers are already walking due to non-moving traffic along Legarda Street.

At long last, we reached the Nagtahan Flyover at 10PM. The usual 20-30 minutes ride to our area in Santol, Quezon City took me more than four hours. This reminded me again of the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy. That typhoon made me stranded at the LRT V. Mapa station until 3AM due to more than 10 feet high flood at the Ramon Magsaysay Avenue.

Still, I thank God for I was able to go home safely and without the need to walk through the flooded streets.

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