Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Second BLOGGER Blog!

After more than a year of blogging under, I decided to create a second blog entitled RUNNER'S TOE.

It will specifically focus more on RUNNING and PHOTOGRAPHY. My first blog, JOURNEY TO LIFE will still be my personal online diary :-)

I hope you can also follow my second blog. Please click HERE to visit my Runner's Toe blog.

Thank you and a warm welcome to all!


  1. ohhh congrats :))

    i wish i could last a year of blogging...

    i always go end up going into a hiatus after few months. :D


  2. Thank you Ma'am Toni!

    Blogging is my hobby, and running is my sport. They come together, so I have always something to blog for :-)

    Thank you for dropping by.

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  4. Thank you for dropping by Jacob!

    My other blog, please do visit :-)