Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I Want to Own A Pair of SOMNIO Mission Control Running Shoes

I have been living life actively and engaged into different sports activities since High School such as Badminton, Chess and Taekwondo. During my college days at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, I was a member of the Taekwondo varsity team.

When I entered the corporate world, I became more involved with Badminton, mid 2000 was the year of Badminton boom in our country. But since last year (2010), I officially retired my badminton shoes and rackets and replaced them with running shoes and shorts :-)

But if you can observe from my first run pics (Globe Run for Home, March 21, 2010), I did not wear a legitimate running shoes, but an ordinary low-cut rubber shoes.

I only got my first running shoes during my second run at the Walk the World Pilipinas (June 6, 2010), courtesy of my God mother, Ninang Edith from Kuwait (special request pasalubong).

To sum up my first running year, I accumulated an official mileage of 25 kilometers, three (3) 5K's and one (1) 10K. That includes my 5K run at the Run for Pasig River (October 10, 2010) and 10K at the 2nd Quezon City International Marathon (December 5, 2010)

Year 2011 started with a bang with my first 21K at the Condura Skyway Marathon (February 6, 2011).

And literally with a bang because I got runner's toe injuries after my first 21K run :-(

This was a result of the race route, too much downhill/uphill (Skyway) and my running shoes which do not have a wide toe space. Despite of this injuries, and with the love of running, I ran my next 21K after a month at the Unilab Run United Leg 1 (March 6, 2011).

And while recuperating with my runner's toe injuries, I continuously added my official mileage by joining at the Yakult 10-Miler (March 27, 2011), Hyundai Run for a Cause (April 2, 2011) and Run with the Masters (April 17, 2011) respectively.

Photo courtesy of Sir JR Garing

To date, I already have a total official mileage of 109KM and counting. Not to include my training runs. I still experience minor blisters and runner's toe injuries, they keep on coming and I believe it is time to retire my first running shoes and replace with a more comfortable, well-fit, durable and injury free shoes.

To which SOMNIO Mission Control running shoes can offer me. This flagship model use the F.E.A.T. system. (Functionally Engineered Adaptable Tricomponent) to create a custom footbed specifically for our feet!

Aside from this, Somnio Mission Control has Road Block tread rubber making it sturdy and durable.

And has also Stretch Mesh forefoot material which allows the shoe to move with our foot helping in mobility and removing the heavy feeling we get when wearing big shoes.

Image from

With SOMNIO Mission Control running shoes, I strongly believe that I can run more miles comfortably and without the fear that I might suffer runner's toe or other injuries.

I would love to wear that Somnio Mission Control running  shoes when I run my first full marathon next year!

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