Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alter Space: Encouraging People to Save the Environment

We are all empowered to be of influence to our fellowmen, we can either be a good or bad influence to them.

But before we start looking or thinking on how we can help or encourage other people, we SHOULD FIRST be looking at our own self . Do we have the guts? Do we have the right tools - the attitude, the discipline and the GOOD influence?

Alter Space is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook.

It was created by AboitizPower, a company that develops and offers effective energy solutions to meet the Philippines’ energy demand and build commitment to sustain Earth’s resources.

The game's mission is to build a better, more energy-efficient planet while staying happy!

In my humble being, I can encourage other people to save the environment by starting in myself, change should be first in ourselves. And in my capability as a blogger, I will do my best to SPREAD THE WORD about the Alter Space game and most especially its eco-friendly objectives.

I already played Alter Space and I am now at level 5, ready to do the last challenge of building an APS or Alternative Power Source.By playing the game, every player is taught and encouraged to be mindful in every choice he/she should do, such as in using energy efficient appliances, doing activities with low carbon footprint among others.

Alter Space Images from Alter Space Facebook Page
More so, Alter Space is not just an online game but it is an eye opener to everyone that we all should do our share in conserving, saving, protecting and loving our very own planet Earth.We should not wait until we can no longer breathe, when we no longer have the oceans, when the Earth can no longer sustain life!

And as a runner, I can spend my lifetime running for worthy causes such as the Run for Pasig River, Run for the Dolphins among others. By running, we are not just getting healthy but also in so much ways, we are becoming energy efficient. Walking and running conserves fuel usage thus helping save the environment and so on. Being health conscious creates self discipline thereby creating positive domino effect to the individual and its environment.

With my running buddies at Run for Pasig River, Oct 10, 2010
Photo wall at Condura Skyway Marathon, Feb 6, 2011
Finish line at Unilab Run United, Mar 6, 2011
At the Hyundai Run for a Cause, Apr 2, 2011
Lastly, change should always begin within us.Either we take the initiative to save our environment or we left nothing for our next generation. It's all in our hands now.

For more energy saving and environment-friendly tips, please visit the CLEANERGY website or Alter Space Game.

Entry for What you can do to encourage people to save the environment blog contest

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