Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pain Killers

We live in a world of pains, it hurt but it's true;
Emotional, Psychological and Physical pain,
You name it and they are abound everywhere,
Some pains can be healed, some are not.

Time is one way to heal most pains,
Communication can also a good cure,
Scientific treatment is also available option,
But forgiving and letting go is the hardest but best healing.

Pain has been my friend and company since nineteen,
I developed joint and muscle pains which become built-in,
It was further categorized as Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis,
It's painful and mysterious.

Since then, pain killers also became my personal ally,
Especially when the pains and swelling occurs,
I call these regular attacks or visits,
Because it's a blessing if no pain attack occur in a week.

We live in a world of pain,
And pain also became a part of me,
How I wish life would be easier,
But life is a world of different pains.

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