Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My First Trip to Mindanao

Some says Mindanao is the Land of Promise and Opportunities, some says Mindanao is the Land of Unending Conflicts....

Whatever they may call Mindanao, it is still undeniably a Land of Beauty, Tranquility and Diversity. I witnessed these when I have my first visit to Mindanao last December 30, 2005 - it's been almost five years ago.

It was also my first meeting with my parents-in-laws to be. Myrnelly and I were just starting our relationship that time.

Our first stop is Dakak Beach and Resort. I love the sunset shots I have taken through my old camera phone.


From December 2005, I already have several visits to Mindanao specifically in Dipolog and Dapitan Cities both in Zamboanga del Norte. I am hoping to visit more places in this big island soon. 

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