Friday, March 12, 2010


In our lives we have to go through different roads,
There we meet diverse kind of circumstances,
and mingle into various human beings,
That may impart values and lessons to us.

We encounter people that make us feel bad,
Criticism, dismay and rejection make us sad,
But remember we are all unique and imperfect,
That no one should judge us, acting like God.

We meet beings that bring us love,
So much attention and caring make us happy,
But remember to give more love in return,
That giving is more modest than receiving.

We go through people that hurt us,
They may have done mistakes and sins,
But as long as we do not forgive and forget,
We will carry on with the heartache we have.

In the different roads we have in our lives,
Learn to appreciate everything, every person that goes by,
That life is so short to waste in thinking our misfortunes,
Let's stand up and face life whatever it may bring us.

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