Monday, March 15, 2010

I Love You

I love you for what and who you are,
We have known each other from afar;
Our familiarity came through our hearts,
That no distance can be a hindrance to us.

I love you for your imperfections,
Because if you have been perfect;
I may not be able to love you,
The way you want me to.

I love you for your tantrums,
These reminds me to love you more,
And to give you the best care,
That you deserve.

I love you for our misunderstandings,
That through them we learn to listen;
And day by day we grow together,
As one solid lifetime partners.

I love you for our sad memoirs,
These made us stronger through the years;
For mistakes and loneliness make us realize,
That through them we will be better lovers.

I love you for our happy memories,
All of those are worthy to cherish,
Living life with you have been so blissful,
Loving you will always be beautiful.

dedicated to my friend, lover and wife - Dr. Myrnelly C. Pagdilao
written for our 69th Months together on 14th March 2010

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