Saturday, January 22, 2011

Midterm Exams for Second Semester 2010-2011 - Lessons Learned

Time fly so fast and almost we cannot catch our breath keep tracking with time, days and nights. It was just like a few weeks ago when the Second Semester for School Year 2010-2011 started and now we are already having our Midterm Examinations!

We had our Midterm exam for Obligations and Contracts today from 6PM-8PM. At first glance it was easy, questionnaire was made up of five questions True or False (1 point each), twenty questions Multiple Choice (3 points each) and seven questions Essay (5 points each). With a total of one hundred points.

I can say that the exam questions are not that hard especially when you have really reviewed a lot. I have an average level of readiness, meaning not so ready but I was confident with my answers. But then after the exam and we tried to re-think about the answers, something went out to be a great mistake of mine which might cause to me fail the entire exam!

Lessons learned:
1. Prepare for the exam 101 Percent. If done reading the book, read again to be really familiar with the topics and explanations.

2. Read questions and facts given thoroughly. Understand and think about the question twice or more before jumping into answering.

3. Be aware of the "distractors", meaning the words or phrases that would make the statement, fact or question wrong or correct.

4. Do not be in a hurry. Take your time, if the exam if scheduled for 2 hours, consume the time allotted.
5. Review your answers thoroughly. Read from #1 to the last # to see if you have really answered the best option.

I think I have all violated these lessons, it might be costly. I was kinda in a hurry last night answering the exams, I overlooked the words that made the sentence different, for example the facts were stated as solidary debtors, meaning the creditor or creditors can demand payment for any one of the debtors to pay the whole amount of the obligation.

But then, what I answered was about joint debtors, meaning they are proportionately liable to their creditors, they are not liable for the whole amount of the obligation.

In short, I answered the opposite of the correct answer which is a very huge mistake.Essay question have a lot of weight on the exams. So I might fail the midterm on Obligations and Contracts :-(

In the end, lessons learned, though I have should have known these being my second semester at Law School. Really, life is a learning process, sometimes we need to commit mistake to learn again those forgotten lessons of the past.

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