Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 - Our Media Noche

Quezon City, 01 January 2011- Happy New Year folks! I hope we all had a great Media Noche and New Year's Eve celebration in our homes, in party places or anywhere we are last midnight.

Last night New Year's Eve is the first time that me and my wife are not together in celebrating and welcoming the New Year. For the past five years we have been side by side in this event, it may be a New Year celebration in Manila, in Cebu or in Dipolog. This time my beloved wife have overnight duty at the Fabella Memorial Hospital where she work as Medical Officer III at the Pediatric Department.

It's not a bad thought though, she's not with me because she need to be at the hospital to serve those in need, confined, walk-in or emergency patients alike.It is great and noble to be at the service for others.

I still remember that last December 31, 2006, we celebrated the New Year's Eve at the Sacred Heart Hospital owned by Southwestern University in Cebu City where she studied Medicine. It was her Senior Clerkship that time and she was on duty that New Year's Eve, so I traveled from Manila and joined her at the hospital to welcome the year 2007.

Back here at the present time, below are my shots of the simple Media Noche we prepared last night. Kinda food photography because it was just focused on the food. I personally made the Penne Spaghetti in sweet sauce and the Buko Salad.

Our Media Noche

Our Fruit Basket
Our Chocolate Coins

More sweets please!
May we all have a Bountiful New Year 2011. May God Bless us always!

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