Saturday, December 24, 2011

My First Zip Line Experience at Phillip's Sanctuary-23Dec2011

Yesterday, December 23, 2011, our company held its annual Christmas Get Together and Team Building at Phillip's Santuary in Antipolo, Rizal.

The travel from our Head Office in Mandaluyong to Phillip's Sanctuary took almost two hours. Upon arrival, we were briefed about the place, its rules and amenities, etc. Then we were divided into ten groups for the different activities.

The activities were also grouped into different categories such as Ice Breaker Games, Lagoon Courses, Low Ropes Courses, Obstacle Courses, etc. I will be discussing more on these activities in a separate post.

After accomplishing all of the team activities, it was our free time, which can be utilized for swimming in the pool or trying the zip line!

So, I took the chance to experience my first ever Zip Line adventure. This activity was not included in our company package so we need to pay Php 100.00 for a two-way zip line. But that's okay, considering that it is way cheaper than other resorts offering zip line.

Harness okay, ready to fly!
Taken at the second, returning zip line
The fearsome part is the time you need to jump from the zip line platform. But once you're in the air and the line is running, the feeling will turn into excitement and fun. I have tried several poses like superman, and other pose while flying in the zip line. In conclusion, the experience was so great and I would love to try again in other resorts having zip line adventure!

P.S. Hopefully I can update my Zip Line photos as pics are still coming in from other camera holders during our event. Merry Christmas everyone!

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