Monday, November 7, 2011

My Advance Birthday Gift - NB MR770 Running Shoes!

Last October 20, 2011, I purchased my advance birthday gift for myself at New Balance Shangri-la Plaza Mall. And it's an NB MR770GR running shoes!

This is stability shoes because I am an overpronator. I got a 9 1/2 size so that it can give enough room for my toes, my regular shoe size is 8 1/2- 9 inches. I just still have some problem with my wide feet.

Since purchased, I have already accumulated at least 50 kilometers mileage with my new running shoes. Longest of which is during the 21K/32K LSD run organized by OK OK Runners last October 30th at the Kilometer Zero, Rizal Park to MOA and into the old walled city of Intramuros.

With the lead group. Photo credits to OK OK Runners
Photo ops time, wow! Photo credits to OK OK Runners
During that LSD, I still suffered some runner's toe injuries but I am hoping that as I use more my NB's I will get rid of that kind of toe injuries.

As also I will be using my new NB's in my upcoming 32KM run at the Run United leg 3 on November 13th, and also for my upcoming full marathon which maybe next year.

My special thanks to Roxanne for the NB gift voucher which gave me 1000 pesos discount. And to all who have supported my love for running through the years.

See you on the road guys and girls!

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