Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Cebu-Bohol Trip: Day 2- Bohol Countryside Tour, August 29

After our lunch buffet at the Loboc River cruise, we immediately continued our countryside tour, it was already 3PM so we need to hurry.

Second stop was at the Sevilla Hanging Bridge, from Loboc River we arrived at the Hanging Bridge in around 20 minutes.

Wifey at the first hanging bridge
The entrance fee to the hanging bridge was Php 10.00 each. There's two hanging bridge, one going to the other side of the river (entrance), and another one going back to the road (exit).The hanging bridges are kinda freaky especially when it sways while you walk, the steps was only made up of  bamboo that add up to the freaky feeling.

At the other side of the river, there are several stalls selling souvenirs and native food. We took this  opportunity to buy our souvenir "pasalubong " for our friends then we resumed our tour.
Third stop was at the Tarsier Conservation Center. It was a 15-minutes ride from the hanging bridge.

The smallest primate in the world, only in the Philippines!
I observed that the conservation center was a new one, works for the pathway and other amenities was still on going. And no entrance fee yet but there are donation boxes.

No camera flash was required and touching the Tarsiers were also prohibited. But in other zoos or areas in Bohol were there are Tarsiers, I heard that they allow touching these tiny creatures.

Fourth stop was at the Bilar Man-made Forest, thousands of mahogany trees were planter in the hillside along the road going to Carmen (Chocolate Hills). We arrived there at past 4PM which make our ride from the Tarsier Conservation Center less than 10 minutes.

At the Man-made Forest in Bilar
Fifth stop was at the Simply Butterflies Sanctuary, the entrance fee was Php 30.00 per pax. But the nice part was that every visitor were given a tour guide inside the sanctuary who explains everything inside and also served as cameraman :-)

Instant camera effects? :-)
Inside the live butterflies garden
At the sanctuary, we learned the life cycle of the butterflies as well as the moths. Moths are much bigger than the butterflies but not that attractive and colorful.

I would love to share more on butterflies in a new blog post (soon).

Sixth stop was at the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol. This time it took us a 20 minutes travel to the overlooking deck. Entrance fee was Php 50.00 per pax.

The majestic Chocolate Hills
On top of the world, este chocolate hills!
The breath-taking view of the thousand Chocolate Hills was awesome! It took us a while to climb the stairs up to the top of the overlooking deck, we took every opportunity to pose for a pic with the help of our tripod.

We spent around 30 minutes for going up and down the overlooking deck that includes our pictorials. Then we are back again on the road, back to the city or to the beach of Panglao or Dimaluan? A question we kept on arguing while on the way from Carmen, Bohol.

Seventh stop was at the Batuan Ship Haus, the house was already featured to Rated K and other TV programs.

At the ship haus in Batuan, Bohol
Our eight stop was at the Dimaluan Beach, where we supposed to have our overnight stay. But unfortunately, all rooms were reserved. So we have no more option but to proceed to Tagbilaran City. We did not opt to consider Panglao beach anymore because for sure all rooms were also taken as it is more popular than Dimaluan beach.

On our way back to the city, we passed by the towns of Dauis, Baclayon and Albuquerque. In Baclayon, we supposed to also visit the Baclayon Church but due to time constraints, it was already 7PM. We decided to return the next day also to visit the Blood Compact Shrine before departing back to Cebu.

Our last and ninth stop for the day was at the Dao Diamond Hotel in Tagbilaran City. Where we stayed overnight at around Php 1,300.00 for a couple's room.

At the hotel's reception area
I will also feature Dao Diamond Hotel in my next blog post. Rest time for we will still have our Day 3 of our Cebu-Bohol Trip.

For more photos of our Day 2 of Cebu-Bohol Trip, please click HERE.


  1. Wish we can visit Bohol too and all the beautiful places in the Philippines, ang dami pa nila.. :)

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  2. Bohol offers a lot of beautiful places :-)

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