Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yakult 10-Miler - Race Day Tomorrow

Its already past 11 in the evening, today, March 26, is a very long day for me. This morning I had my final exams in Political Law, then I rushed to the office to do some pending tasks. And at 3:30 PM I was on my way back to school in preparation of my final exams in Legal writing at 6 PM.

At last, I was home past 10 PM, had my dinner and now having some rest before going to sleep. It will be another race day tomorrow, so I need  to get up at 4 AM.

Yes, tomorrow will be Yakult 10 Miler at the CCP grounds. I will be joining the 10 mile (16K) event. My first time to run 16K. I have done two half marathons (21K) but I skipped this distance.

It will be a great stress reliever tomorrow. My time to wind up after the week of exams and work.

See you on the road guys!

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