Thursday, November 4, 2010

5K and 10K Maps for 2nd QCIM- Commentaries & Suggestions

After a long suspense for the release of the 2nd Quezon City International Marathon Race Maps. I strongly dislike the given map especially for the 10K event which I will be participating.

We can see that all part of the race will be along the very well known Commonwealth Avenue a.k.a. Killer Avenue. Why I dislike the race  route? Here are the reasons:

1. As it was known as Killer Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue is a road prone of accidents and not courteous drivers.We all do not want to be the next victim especially that we have signed a waiver!
2. Not really a scenic route, all you will see are roads, roads and roads. It is a four to five lanes avenue in both direction so all is roads!
3. It will be a hot, high temperature route, with less trees to cover the sun. Hydration is a big factor here.
4. There are near alternative to consider like UP campus, why not include UP partially and not all Commonwealth?
5. It's an International Marathon so the organizers should try their best to present the scenic views and the beauty of Quezon City, not the long stretch of Commonwealth Avenue.

May this blog be read by the organizers so they can re-consider other routes for the whole race. I have already posted a comment at their Facebook page but I guess this will speak out more.

Me and my colleagues are all hoping for a great race event on the 5th of December.

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