Friday, February 26, 2010

Wedding Preparations - Deciding for Souvenirs

The other aspect in a wedding is the souvenirs or tokens. We Filipinos are fond of giving souvenirs in all important occasions such as baptismal, baby birthdays, debuts, anniversary parties and most of all weddings.

Deciding on what type, style, colors of souvenirs is also tedious just like choosing for the wedding invitations. The colors should match the color motif of the wedding. The style should also match the wedding theme like if it's garden, beach, traditional, modern and classic among others. The relevance of the token with the wedding should be strong so as to impart it to the guests. The souvenirs will make your guests remember your wedding day whenever they see these tokens in their display cabinets or souvenir racks.

For our own wedding souvenirs, we decided to have a classic look which relates to our Filipiniana motif and it was made of stained/colored glass. It was a traditional Filipino "lampara" with three different presentations for our Principal Sponsors, Entourage and Guests.

We also designed the souvenir tags and it was another "labor of love" because we have placed all tags in our own effort and time. 

Below is the documentation of our quest in choosing our wedding souvenirs. It started in Divisoria, Manila (the famous all you need, very affordable market in the Philippines). And our endless gratitude to our friend, Ms. Annalyn Lopez for her support in this endeavor.
Hunt for Wedding Souvenirs at Divisoria, Manila
-done July 19, 2009
After two weeks lead time, our souvenirs were ready for pick up and it's the start of the finishing stage, the placing of tags.
Our Wedding Souvenirs
-Magnificently done August 09, 2009


P.S. This is to give justice to our wedding souvenirs which were not featured in our wedding album and in our wedding video.

Due to the toxicity of the wedding day itself, we forgot to include the souvenirs during our pictorials.

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