Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wedding Preparations - Church Selection

In every Roman Catholic wedding, one of the most important aspect is the CHURCH; for without the Church, the wedding will not be a full Roman Catholic wedding.

When we decided to have our second wedding (our first wedding was a civil rites last May 2008), which is Church wedding obviously; the first thing that came into our minds was the Church -- what or where?

So, with the help of our friends we started the Church hunt. Because choosing the church should also meet up several criteria such as the location, style, proximity to the reception, budget and others that the couple might want to consider.

In our case, we considered several churches in San Juan, Sta. Mesa, Quiapo and Malate. Some are easy with the budget but far from any reception sites, others have jaw dropping budget. Then, we finally decided to have our Church wedding at the Malate Church also known as the Our Lady of Remedies Church -- why this church?

Well, Malate Church is situated at the heart of Manila, it is near to several reception sites and hotels. Aside from that, it has the architecture unique of it's own and one of the oldest and beautiful churches in the Philippines. And of course, the budget is very friendly to our pockets!

The Malate Church
Panoramic shot taken July 05, 2009


Shots taken during our second visit at Malate Church, July 05, 2009

 Sunset shots at Malate Church
Taken during our first visit on June 12, 2009

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