Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Journey to the Puerto Princesa Underground River

Last July 27-29, 2012, wifey and I had our yearly vacation and this time with my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and his girlfriend. Our destination is Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

As I am not allowed to be absent from work a long time, we had our vacation itinerary fully loaded. Our flight from Manila was scheduled last July 27 at 5:40 AM.
Just landed at Puerto Princesa Airport!
Upon arrival at the airport at around 7AM, we were fetched by the free airport transfer service offered by the Pension where we planned to stay. Immediately after getting our room, we hurriedly boarded our waiting rented van to Sabang Port, where we will board motorized "bangka" to the underground river.

Due to being in a hurry, we forgot to change clothes and dress up for island and water adventure. With this, I guess we are the time first time tourist at the Underground River wearing jeans and rubber shoes :-)

From Puerto Princesa City proper, the land travel to Sabang Port was around 2 hours. The road was a mix of concrete and asphalt in some areas, with also parts with a lot of pot holes due to the previous rains. The journey to Sabang was a long winding road along the mountains and a typical countryside scenery with a few houses and establishments.

At around past 9AM, we arrived at the Sabang Port, where we paid Environmental Fee of 40 pesos each and rented a motorized bangka for 700 pesos (max of 6 passengers).

At the Sabang Port. Loading area to the Underground River.
The bangka trip to the Underground River  landing bay was around 30 minutes. Along the way, we were fascinated by the beautiful rocks formations and green mountains along the coastal area.

Just landed at the Underground River landing bay
Before entering the Puerto Princesa Underground River Park, we were again required to register and to present our tour permit. Then we proceeded to the second loading bay going inside the river.

The boats going inside the underground river was not motorized, so we have to wait for our turn. While waiting we had time to took pictures at the tour loading bay.

At the far right background is the mouth of the river
We have waited at least 30 minutes and at long last it was our turn to have our Underground River tour. I will be discussing more of our inside the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour in a separate blog post.

Far shot of the mouth of PPUR.
Til next blog post everyone!

For more photos, please click HERE.

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