Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back to School after Five Years

My past few weeks and days are toxic due to enrollment processes. I am suppose to enroll at San Sebastian College- Recoletos,  Institute of Law but unluckily most of the subjects that are convenient to my schedule as a working student are already closed.

So, I decided to look for other options in an instant because time is running out, start of classes in most universities was yesterday, June 15, 2010. And yesterday was a marathon for me. I woke up early then I hurriedly proceed to University of the East for Law Entrance Exam. It was more rigorous than the Entrance Exam of San Sebastian, the exam comprised of Thurston Mental Alertness Exam and Watson's Critical Thinking Analysis. The previous exam is the same with San Sebastian. And to conclude is the 4 question essay exam. Finally, I finished all my exams at around 12:30 noon time.

Then, I was scheduled for interview of the College Dean at 1:00 PM. Around 1:30 PM when I was finally interviewed by Dean Amado Valdez, very fine professional. A short interview indeed but I got the green light for enrollment.

Then the rest is history of enrollment process at the University of the East.

At around, 7:30 PM, June 15, 2010 I attended my first class with the subject Criminal Law 1. Tons of assignment was given to us. So  I need to go and read more cases. :-)

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