Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Woman I Married Twice

It was the 18th day of May,
When we traveled together up north,
To bind ourselves as one,
And live together as husband and wife.

The travel seemed so endless,
As we are ten hours stranded,
But everybody patiently waited,
At six PM we were civilly wed.

It was a roller coaster ride,
We have everything done in one stride,
Emotions are high, in-love couples we are,
As we travel back at ten PM that night.

Almost a year had passed,
When we prepared for a bigger task,
To get marry for the second time,
And now it is a bigger one!

It was the 21st day of August,
When we exchanged our vows at church,
As witnessed by our parents, relatives and friends,
All were hopeful for God's continuous blessings.

And now as we celebrate our 2nd year anniversary,
I would like to thank you for the love and care you have given me,
And I assure you to do the same in return,
To the woman I married twice, she's Myrnelly, my beloved wife.

~dedicated to my wife on our 2nd Year Anniversary
  18th of May 2010

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