Monday, April 5, 2010

Puerto Galera Trip - Trek to Talipanan Falls

This is the 2nd episode of the 4-part story of our Lenten Season April 2010 Puerto Galera Trip. It involves our trek to the Talipanan Falls, one of the several waterfalls found in Mindoro. So here it goes...

After arriving at Talipanan beach, Puerto Galera, and having secured our room at the Mariner's Beach Resort, we immediately planned to go on trekking - our destination the Talipanan Falls. It was around 30 minutes uphill trekking as informed to us by our guide.

I thought it would be an easy trek because our guide was a young boy. But I was wrong, it was one of the hardest trek we have done so far, with some areas that are so steep and the trail is just a foot away from the ravine.

At the foot of the trail is an Iraya Mangyan community (native people of Mindoro), I took some shots of their native crafts. And even bought one small craft in our way back to the resort.

And here it come! The hardest part of the trek - see it for yourself folks!

 At the end of the trek - Talipanan Falls. Looks affected by the current El Nino phenomenon in the country.

I would love to trek again the trail going to Talipanan Falls especially on a rainy season. Would be a lot challenge!

This is my most Memorable Outdoor Adventure for the year 2010 and this is my entry to the Blog contest of R.O.X Philippines.

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